Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Print and Cut, Make the Cut and Pink Petticoat

I have been reading a lot abut the new Provocraft Machine and all about how it can print and cut. I have always been able to do this as I have a craft Robo but if you don't know how the registration marks work it can be tricky. After reading cleversomedays blog about the hinge technique, and Make the Cut, I decided that I was going to have a play.

I used some images that I had purchased from Pink Petticoat a while back and followed the instructional video and was able to cut perfect circles around my image and then following this create perfect mats for them to be attached too. I had not used my images much before as I am rubbish with a craft knife and so being able to do this has opened so many possibilities to use my digital stamps and have them cut perfectly. 

Here are my first results.

 I think that they are rather smart for a first attempt.

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  1. Becky they are awesome!! Definitely opened a whole new way to use your stamps and graphics!! Nicely done! Kay will be happy for you@